Painting With Pens

Over this past month I took an art class where we made diptychs (where you have to paintings that together make a set). I decided to draw some cool hands. First in pencil, then drawn over in pen, and finally brushed to a watercolor-like affect. It created a really cool look. I don’t consider myself a painter, so the act of painting on the drawing definitely helped my pieces. Check ‘em out. (SomeĀ of the paintings wouldn’t scan correctly, so there are parts cut off.)

hand20001 hand20002 Hands0001 scan0001

Capturing Nature’s Essence

With the weather about to get below freezing cold, here is a reminder of the beautiful warmth that nature can give. Take these stunning nature backgrounds and put them on your device, and make tomorrow warmer. Like, share, and enjoy.







Screen Printing: Captain America

This week on a whim, I decided to do some screen printing. I also realized that the tagline of this website states that I do leatherworking, even though all the art consists of drawings and renderings. So I present to you, the Captain America: Winter Soldier stealth suit. Like, share, and enjoy :)
Next week, we will return to the backgrounds.