Abstract Wallpapers

So after some interesting guitars, inspiring words, and cubes of color, the final desktop background is going to be the classic abstract wallpaper that we have all come to know and love. They are two different but interesting pieces, and I hope to see them on your devices. Like, share, and enjoy. :)

rainbow circles blury blue

olympic robot8 - Copy

Weekend Update: Cybernetic Athlete

In addition to your regular Monday post, I had some extra time this week, and modeled a cybernetic athlete off of a blueprint lying around on my computer. Three different views, they aren’t wallpapers, but if you wanted to they fit nicely as an iPhone background. Share, like, and enjoy. :)

olympic robot_back olympic robot_side olympic robot

Credit for the lighting set up goes to RegusMartin on BlendSwap.

The Four Pillars

Part 2 in my wallpaper series, I was inspired by the teamwork and leadership exercises that I did during my class trip this past weekend. Tell me which one is your favorite in the comments bellow.

Kindness Intelligence INGENUITY Courage

Footnote: As of right now the post day poll points to Monday as the winner, so that will be the new weekly posting day. Enjoy.

What Day Do You Want Posts On?

Some of you may have noticed an attempted one post a week format here at 10 Arts, but so far I have not been all that consistent. So as an attempt at reforming my ways and really getting into I’m going to ask you the viewer of my content what day you would most want to recieve a small burst of joy. So please vote below for what day you want the weekly post to come out on.