Across Dimensions

After a long hiadus, here is the newest short film. Like, share, and enjoy.


Futuristic Spacesuit

So this is a spacesuit that I have been working on, there isn’t much this week, but I’m working on another film that should be coming up soon. So keep on the lookout. And remeber to like, share and enjoy.

European Architecture

This is a part of an online course, The Architecture Academy. I’ve been working on this project for a bit, and finally got around to finishing it.

Like, share, and enjoy.

european exterior5

Cartoon Trees

So after a hiatus of wallpapers I’m kicking in the new year with another smart phone background. Like, share, and enjoy.

cartoon tree

The S.S. Kringle

Happy Holidays everyone! I apologize for not posting last week, things just didn’t happen. This week I’ve got a picture that I’m submitting for a Christmas competition. Please give me some feedback. Like, share, and enjoy.


Weekend Update: Cybernetic Athlete

In addition to your regular Monday post, I had some extra time this week, and modeled a cybernetic athlete off of a blueprint lying around on my computer. Three different views, they aren’t wallpapers, but if you wanted to they fit nicely as an iPhone background. Share, like, and enjoy. 🙂

olympic robot_back olympic robot_side olympic robot

Credit for the lighting set up goes to RegusMartin on BlendSwap.