New Short Film! – Superpower Showdown

New short film, that I just completed for the Film Learnin’ 60k competition. Enjoy!




Percy Jackson (Ep 3)

Everyone ready for another Percy Jackson? Well here it is, as well as a behind the scenes published on my very own channel!

I helped film and do visual effects for the video as well as film and edit all of the BTS. If you know anyone who likes Percy Jackson, send this their way.

Percy Jackson: Behind The Scenes

So I’ve been working on the Percy Jackson short films for a while now. Our second film is out and you can check it out here:

You can also check out the BTS which I did some filming and all the editing for right here:

Everyone subscribe to 10 Arts Studios and The Video Bird on youtube if you want to see the shorts as soon as they come out and this social media if you want to follow everything as it happens:

Snapchat: PJOWebseries

D&Ding Around

Another video! This one took me too long to finish. I filmed it in july/august and finalized it yesterday. So without further delay, here it is.

Into Space

This is my latest short film Into Space. It takes place in a dystopian possible future.