The Mediterranean #21

So this is from inside of one of the churches. A lot of the churches in Europe don’t allow photography inside, but this one was grateful enough to allow me to snap some pictures. The stonework is amazing and very intricate many areas, and this is just the average church!



The Mediterranean #20

It’s the last day of month #1 of 2017!!! Anyways, this is use just walking through some of the alleyways.


The Mediterranean #19

Just some more houses and buildings in Montenegro!


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The Mediterranean #18

This is one of the first buildings that I saw upon entering the older part of the city. The clock tower stuck out to me, as did all the texture on the old stone and the more vivid green colors of the shutters!


The Mediterranean #17

This is the gate that we walked through in order to get to the older parts of the city of Kotor! It was very cool to be seeing all of this upclose.


The Mediterranean #16

Here is a fort in Kotor, guarding the entrance to the city as we walked through its gates. Very cool old stone and architecture!