Nature & Smarthphones

This week I went out and took some photos of the really chilly world around me. These are nature photos and one smartphone background.

IMG_0835 IMG_0848 IMG_0338 IMG_0426 IMG_0598 IMG_0615 IMG_0630 IMG_0881





ABC Backgrounds

Personalized letter wallpapers! Backgrounds for you mobile device with you first or last initial. This week is A-G, so be looking out for the rest. Like, share, and enjoy.

iPhone A

iPhone B

iPhone C

iPhone D

iPhone E

iPhone F

iPhone G

Weekend Update: Cybernetic Athlete

In addition to your regular Monday post, I had some extra time this week, and modeled a cybernetic athlete off of a blueprint lying around on my computer. Three different views, they aren’t wallpapers, but if you wanted to they fit nicely as an iPhone background. Share, like, and enjoy. 🙂

olympic robot_back olympic robot_side olympic robot

Credit for the lighting set up goes to RegusMartin on BlendSwap.