The Mediterranean #26

The sun was setting in Kotor, and I wanted to catch this little flower.



A Month of Spring & Fall #6

These are some tiny little floating seedlings I believe. They really put their necks out there.


A Month of Spring & Fall #4

This was taken as spring was just beginning and winter was still lingering. I like the spiny/fluffy little flowers and the spindly nature of the plant itself.


A Month Of Spring & Fall #1

With the last month of summer photo series being so incredibly popular and the fall season coming to a close, I decided to put out another month of photos from the spring and fall of this year. I will post one photo a day, rotating back and forth between spring and fall photos. So here is #1.


This picture was taken at Tallulah Gorge. I love the small little tufts of yellow.

One Month of Summer #6

The final picture from my garden walk. While I always take pictures of new flowers, I just love this one. I really like the colors and the shape.