The Mediterranean #26

The sun was setting in Kotor, and I wanted to catch this little flower.



The Mediterranean #23

There is a reoccuring theme in Kotor: cats. They have lots of memorabilia dedicated to the Cats of Kotor. Naturally I did my best to get a shot of them, and most where blurred out as cats are very agile and quick creatures, but I managed to nail this one shot.


The Mediterranean #22

Here is the outside of the church that I showed in recent posts (The Mediterranean #21). What really intruiged me here, is the weathering and coloration of the stone.


The Mediterranean #21

So this is from inside of one of the churches. A lot of the churches in Europe don’t allow photography inside, but this one was grateful enough to allow me to snap some pictures. The stonework is amazing and very intricate many areas, and this is just the average church!


The Mediterranean #20

It’s the last day of month #1 of 2017!!! Anyways, this is use just walking through some of the alleyways.


The Mediterranean #19

Just some more houses and buildings in Montenegro!


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