The Mediterranean #6

Really cool to see the houses right on the water and so close to the shipping boats.



The Mediterranean #3

More cool architecture and landscape from the entry to Kotor.


A Month Of Spring & Fall #9

Another beautiful picture of the waterfall and the nice little rainbow coming off of it.

IMG_4809 copy.png

A Month Of Spring & Fall #8

This is a large pond/ mini lake off of a golf course. The water filled with ducks just out of frame.


A Month of Spring & Fall #7

This one was taken at the bottom of Talulah Gorge. There was an aesthetic water release, so the waterfall was roaring.

IMG_4794 copy

A Month of Spring & Fall #6

These are some tiny little floating seedlings I believe. They really put their necks out there.


A Month Of Spring & Summer #5

And we’re back. Another picture from fall. This time taken at a campfire made while camping at Talulah Gorge.