New Year #13

One of the larger stone grave markers at Oakland Cemetery…



New Year #8

I really like stone, especially carved stone like this. The texture always pops on camera…


New Year #2

One of the structures in Oakland Cemetery. I loved the gradient in the sky and the way it lit up the stained glass window…


The Mediterranean #22

Here is the outside of the church that I showed in recent posts (The Mediterranean #21). What really intruiged me here, is the weathering and coloration of the stone.


One Month Of Summer #15

This is a rock formation in Mammoth Caves. I took lots of pictures down in the caves, but with no flash allowed, only a handful came out well.


One Month Of Summer #14

This photo was taken inside of Mammoth caves in Kentucky. We were taken on an amazing walk through the caverns and I got several really nice pictures.