New Year #17

Its ice, but it looks like hair. I also keep thinking it looks like coral/anemones/something reef related…



New Year #10

This is a closeup of that ice we walked by while leaving the canyon. I can’t get over the fractal and jagged texture…


New Year #5

When we hiked to the camp site, the river was free flowing. On our way back, sections had frozen over and we knew we weren’t alone…


The Mediterranean #14

Okay, so I really like taking pictures of boats. I especially like boats when there are lots around. Boats just give off an aura of romanticism and relaxation. So yeah, boats.


The Mediterranean #11

Here is a thoroughly European shot: a man in a blue jumper rowing a boat.


The Mediterranean #10

This is one of the cutest shots I got. There was a parent and their child pointing our of one of the windows at the shore.


The Mediterranean #9

One of my rare people shots. Here is my brother looking over the edge of our ship as we come into the port.