The Mediterranean #14

Okay, so I really like taking pictures of boats. I especially like boats when there are lots around. Boats just give off an aura of romanticism and relaxation. So yeah, boats.



The Mediterranean #11

Here is a thoroughly European shot: a man in a blue jumper rowing a boat.


The Mediterranean #10

This is one of the cutest shots I got. There was a parent and their child pointing our of one of the windows at the shore.


The Mediterranean #9

One of my rare people shots. Here is my brother looking over the edge of our ship as we come into the port.


A Month Of Spring & Fall #9

Another beautiful picture of the waterfall and the nice little rainbow coming off of it.

IMG_4809 copy.png

A Month Of Spring & Fall #8

This is a large pond/ mini lake off of a golf course. The water filled with ducks just out of frame.


A Month of Spring & Fall #7

This one was taken at the bottom of Talulah Gorge. There was an aesthetic water release, so the waterfall was roaring.

IMG_4794 copy